Legacy of the Forge and the Scar of Ages

the lost dwarves....legacy of the duegar

the dwarves now celebrate the festival of stone. this marks the aniversary of their liberation from the demonic oppressors that had enslaved them. the lost or duegar were predominately responsible for this. when the gate was accidently activated and the first of the demon host steped through it was the duegar that subjicated themselves to their new masters. their brothers hadn’t yet learned of their fall. some speculate that the dwarves would have never fell if not for the duegars betrayal. they had given the demon host the knowledge and ability to overcome the protection runes that surrounded moradin’s resolve. if not for this knowledge they demon’s would never have been able to assault the dwarven stronghold. for their deeds the duegar’s skin was blakened as a symbol of their betrayal by moradin himself. the dwarves and duegar have shared a blood fued that has endured thousands of years.



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