Legacy of the Forge and the Scar of Ages

The scar of ages

crimson skies bring the scar of ages

Just beyond Moradin’s resolve, a great Dwarven strong hold lies the Scar of Ages. The once great kingdom of man lies in ruins. A great catastrophy befell the people of Vay. Blinded by their arrogance and pride the race of man reveled in their technological achievement. They were even so bold as to challenge the Gods. The people of Vay built a great tower as a direct challenge to the Gods over their right to rule. Offended and angered by their blasphemy the Gods stuck down with a divine fist. A great heavenly body rained down from the sky and consumed in an instant what took man a thousand years to build. Now all that remains is a twisted shadow of once was the most powerful kingdom in Karsis. Shadow and machine, twisted arcane creations terrorize the Alabath Planes. The Dwarves of the great Hammer Fell mountains watch as silent guardians. They have long been charged with the defense of Karsis, now they must defend against the twisted horrors that emerge from this desolate waste land.



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