Legacy of the Forge and the Scar of Ages

festival of stone

it had been 5 years since the end of the conflict between dwarf and man. the land has began to settle and the dwarves now settle in to celebrate the festival of stone. almost a thousand years ago the dwarves liberated themselves and started this festival to mark that ocassion. it was the demonic masters that they had overthrown. the tale goes that an engineering team accidently activated a long dormant gate to avernus. devils poured forth from the gate, slaughtering and enslaving the entire dwarven race. it was cadarik that led the revolt and won freedom for his people. cadarik became the first high fist of the dwarves and took on the tradition of the ironfell name. evry year the dwarves celebrate this 3 day festival in honor of the event. this year the mood seemed a little less spirited and a little more reserved. no one could put their finger on it but something was amiss. the low hum of the exhaust fans can’t normaly be heard above the festive atmosphere. little did most of dolgan’s people know that the dwarven stronghold at anvil pass had been taken. knowing that the dwarves would be celebrating a massive army of orcs and goblins attacked anvil’s gate. 200 brave dwarven defenders bravely fought against the onslought.



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