Legacy of the Forge and the Scar of Ages

calling for the coming storm.

High Fist Dolgan sat upon the iron throne pondering the shape of things to come.Dolgan played this senario out in his head hubdreds of times. The dwarves had always been in good standing with the Kingdon of Vay. Dolgan’s forges churned non stop supplying the humans with the iron and steel needed to craft thier magical abominations. It was when man’s arrogence surpassed their place in this world that Dolgan made a tough decision that would shape of face of this land forever. It was to be Dolgan’s decision to recend to alliance between man and dwarf. Enraged, Vay swore vengence upon the dwarves. A bloody war ensued that threatened to consume the land. It was when man turned against the gods that the devine hard of judgement crushed what remained of this great human civilization. This was lnown as the time of calling. A great storm now gathers of the plains in the ruined empire of Vay.



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