Legacy of the Forge and the Scar of Ages

battle : Anvil's pass

while the dwarves honored their tradition of celebrating the festival of stone anvil’s reach “a great dwarven stronghold in the southern end of the ironfell mtns has fallen. knowing that the keep would be lightly defended a massive army of orc’s and goblins attacked anvil’s reach. the dwarves fought bravely but were out numbered 5000 to 200. when the dust settled about half of the invading army laid in ruins. although the dwarves gave their live they made their enemy pay a horrific price for the victory. dolgan was enraged by the cowardice displayed by these spinless barbarians. to save face dolgan called upon a group of little known dwarven warriors to retake the keep. he wished to keep this embaressment from reaching the masses. the 4 dwarven warriors led at the head of 4 crack dwarven sheilds. 3000 dwarves would normaly not go un noticed but dolgan used the cover of the festival to conceal their movements. hopelessly overmatched and out numbered the orcs and golbins fell as harvested wheat before the mighty draven sheild units. barely 100 dwarves lost their lives while the enemy was completely anihilated. olvan comanded the attacked and claimed a great victory for his fallen brothers. this would be the begining of his legend.



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