Legacy of the Forge and the Scar of Ages

the lost dwarves....legacy of the duegar

the dwarves now celebrate the festival of stone. this marks the aniversary of their liberation from the demonic oppressors that had enslaved them. the lost or duegar were predominately responsible for this. when the gate was accidently activated and the first of the demon host steped through it was the duegar that subjicated themselves to their new masters. their brothers hadn’t yet learned of their fall. some speculate that the dwarves would have never fell if not for the duegars betrayal. they had given the demon host the knowledge and ability to overcome the protection runes that surrounded moradin’s resolve. if not for this knowledge they demon’s would never have been able to assault the dwarven stronghold. for their deeds the duegar’s skin was blakened as a symbol of their betrayal by moradin himself. the dwarves and duegar have shared a blood fued that has endured thousands of years.

battle : Anvil's pass

while the dwarves honored their tradition of celebrating the festival of stone anvil’s reach “a great dwarven stronghold in the southern end of the ironfell mtns has fallen. knowing that the keep would be lightly defended a massive army of orc’s and goblins attacked anvil’s reach. the dwarves fought bravely but were out numbered 5000 to 200. when the dust settled about half of the invading army laid in ruins. although the dwarves gave their live they made their enemy pay a horrific price for the victory. dolgan was enraged by the cowardice displayed by these spinless barbarians. to save face dolgan called upon a group of little known dwarven warriors to retake the keep. he wished to keep this embaressment from reaching the masses. the 4 dwarven warriors led at the head of 4 crack dwarven sheilds. 3000 dwarves would normaly not go un noticed but dolgan used the cover of the festival to conceal their movements. hopelessly overmatched and out numbered the orcs and golbins fell as harvested wheat before the mighty draven sheild units. barely 100 dwarves lost their lives while the enemy was completely anihilated. olvan comanded the attacked and claimed a great victory for his fallen brothers. this would be the begining of his legend.

festival of stone

it had been 5 years since the end of the conflict between dwarf and man. the land has began to settle and the dwarves now settle in to celebrate the festival of stone. almost a thousand years ago the dwarves liberated themselves and started this festival to mark that ocassion. it was the demonic masters that they had overthrown. the tale goes that an engineering team accidently activated a long dormant gate to avernus. devils poured forth from the gate, slaughtering and enslaving the entire dwarven race. it was cadarik that led the revolt and won freedom for his people. cadarik became the first high fist of the dwarves and took on the tradition of the ironfell name. evry year the dwarves celebrate this 3 day festival in honor of the event. this year the mood seemed a little less spirited and a little more reserved. no one could put their finger on it but something was amiss. the low hum of the exhaust fans can’t normaly be heard above the festive atmosphere. little did most of dolgan’s people know that the dwarven stronghold at anvil pass had been taken. knowing that the dwarves would be celebrating a massive army of orcs and goblins attacked anvil’s gate. 200 brave dwarven defenders bravely fought against the onslought.

calling for the coming storm.

High Fist Dolgan sat upon the iron throne pondering the shape of things to come.Dolgan played this senario out in his head hubdreds of times. The dwarves had always been in good standing with the Kingdon of Vay. Dolgan’s forges churned non stop supplying the humans with the iron and steel needed to craft thier magical abominations. It was when man’s arrogence surpassed their place in this world that Dolgan made a tough decision that would shape of face of this land forever. It was to be Dolgan’s decision to recend to alliance between man and dwarf. Enraged, Vay swore vengence upon the dwarves. A bloody war ensued that threatened to consume the land. It was when man turned against the gods that the devine hard of judgement crushed what remained of this great human civilization. This was lnown as the time of calling. A great storm now gathers of the plains in the ruined empire of Vay.

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The scar of ages
crimson skies bring the scar of ages

Just beyond Moradin’s resolve, a great Dwarven strong hold lies the Scar of Ages. The once great kingdom of man lies in ruins. A great catastrophy befell the people of Vay. Blinded by their arrogance and pride the race of man reveled in their technological achievement. They were even so bold as to challenge the Gods. The people of Vay built a great tower as a direct challenge to the Gods over their right to rule. Offended and angered by their blasphemy the Gods stuck down with a divine fist. A great heavenly body rained down from the sky and consumed in an instant what took man a thousand years to build. Now all that remains is a twisted shadow of once was the most powerful kingdom in Karsis. Shadow and machine, twisted arcane creations terrorize the Alabath Planes. The Dwarves of the great Hammer Fell mountains watch as silent guardians. They have long been charged with the defense of Karsis, now they must defend against the twisted horrors that emerge from this desolate waste land.


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